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With a team of top-rated clinical psychologists, counsellors, special educators and remedial trainers, In-Touch Counseling and Guidance Centre provides the best environment for one’s personal growth and development. Ensuring the wellness, balance, and growth of our clients are extremely important to us and we constantly work towards client satisfaction and achieving their fullest potential.

Ensuring the wellness, balance, and growth of our clients and constantly working towards client satisfaction and achievement of their fullest potential.

What makes us Special

We offer a wide range of psychological services including various therapeutic approaches such as CBT,SFBT,BM,BT etc., tailor-made to suit the convenience & need of people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


Cognitive Behaviour

A psychotherapeutic treatment that helps people learn how to identify & change destructive or disturbing thought


Solution Focused Brief

A strength-based approach to psychotherapy based on solution-building rather than problem-solving.


Behaviour Modification

"The alteration of behavioral patterns through the use of learning techniques like positive or negative reinforcement."


Support and Abetment

The literal meaning of the term is ‘to encourage someone to do something wrong, especially in committing a crime’.

How can I Reach Out?

Life is What You Make Out of It.

In Touch is an online psychotherapy, guidance and counselling centre that provides clients with easy access to the best counselling services. Through secure online mediums such as WhatsApp, Zoom, and Google Meet; The online counselling sessions provide people with excellent private counselling with professional counsellors/psychotherapists right at their fingertips, within the comfort of their own homes.

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Our team of psychologists are all ears to listen to you without any judgment.

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Connect and book a session with us for a safe space for venting out your emotions and putting your mind at ease.

Distance isn’t a barrier!

We provide psychological services through both online and offline mediums.

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What our friends want to convey to you

Project Manager

My working atmosphere was very hectic which made me disappointed and had to take harsh decisions. Thanks to Intouch, which diverted my mind and made me to know what I am capable of.

Bank Manager

Working as bank manager was not so easy. Meeting targets & seizing properties really made me worried & even decided to end up myself. Thanks to intouch for making me understand what life is.

Medical Student.

Failures are the stepping stones to success. This fact was explained to me by my friend working at intouch and I am glad have her. Going to start the better half of my life and hoping for good.


As a teacher, it seems to be stupid to say that I always had the mindset of keeping away from people but now I am used to live among people. Now it's my turn to understand others on this.

Why Choose Us

Mental health professionals who have the best interests of our clients within us.

Online Counselling

Finding hard to reach us? Our online sessions are as effective as Offline sessions.


Change the thinking well and make up your mind. Always aim for better tomorrow.

Expert Doctors

Sometimes better team provide best results. So find the team that can build you up.