Behavioural Modification Program

The focus of our Behaviour modification Program is to improve or reduce the occurrence if specific behaviours or responses. It is a process of learning which requires us to unlearn faulty behaviour patterns and relearn alternative behavioural responses that are healthier and adaptive. This might seem similar to how parenting works, where parents teach their kids right from wrong, or even how we maintain relationships with our significant others and friends!

Behaviour Modification is done using psychotherapeutic interventions on both children and adults by changing specific behaviours with lesser focus given on the individual’s thoughts and feelings that underlie the said behaviour.

What to Expect from Us

Our goal is to eliminate or reduce the maladaptive behaviours of the client. Through the program, we aim to review the indications and contraindications for behaviour modification and highlight the role of our interprofessional team in helping our clients deal with behavioural disorders.

  • Positive reinforcement
  • Negative reinforcement
  • Punishment
  • Systematic desensitization

‘…. And even decided to end myself. Thanks to Intouch for making me understand what life is really about!’

Sujatha– Bank Manager

Challenge and Solutions

The human mind is a complex one, and it is not easy to deal with one’s thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Therefore, behaviour modification is a lengthy process that might take some time. We cannot bring change all of a sudden, and shifting from one path to the other can be quite challenging as well.