Internship Training Program

In Touch Counseling and Guidance Centre provides internship opportunities to those students who are interested in obtaining a practical experience in diagnosis and treatment of mental health concerns and allows students to put their theoretical knowledge to practice. We aim to support the younger generation to gain knowledge in the field and put their best efforts towards the community.

What You Will Get From Us

An internship programme holds an equal importance for a student because through this training they can realize which career is suitable for them. And often, the companies offer pre-placement offers to the interns on the basis of their efficiency for performance.

  • Induction or Orientation Training
  • Job Training
  • Apprenticeship Training
  • Refresher Training or Retraining
  • Highly professional administration

Ensuring the wellness, balance, and growth of our clients and constantly working towards client satisfaction and achievement of their fullest potential.

Challenge and Solutions

Internship is something that makes one perfect in a platform, with internship one can upgrade oneself and acquire good knowledge.