Children and adolescents & Counseling

Child and adolescent counselling allow children or young people explore various issues that may be affecting their social, emotional, or cognitive development. Through appropriate therapeutic processes, children and adolescents are provided with the opportunity to express themselves freely in a safe environment with clear boundaries. In Touch Counseling and Guidance Centre aims to provide support children and adolescents deal with several concerns ranging from self-esteem, peer pressure, stress, sexual health and so on.

How, When and Where to start

A situation where one finds trapped. It's time to act and show the results.

  • Infancy
  • Early Childhood
  • Preschool Years
  • School Age
  • Adolescence

Ensuring the wellness, balance, and growth of our clients and constantly working towards client satisfaction and achievement of their fullest potential.

Challenge and Solutions

Normally understanding a child is more difficult than adolescents, this is because children have their own world are not in a position to assume or take what one say.